Six Things That Can Make Your Home More Valuable

Written by Anica Oaks on Wednesday, 06 July 2016 12:12 pm


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Some homeowners do not improve their houses to get a return from it. Sometimes, it is all about making a dream come true. Whether you want to sell your home, or you just want to make it lovelier, here are some of the areas you should consider.

Furnish the kitchen

This is one of the key places to invest your money. When people are buying a home, the first thing they often look at is the kitchen. Do not focus on making the common improvements like working on the tiles and having stainless appliances. Instead, think of the modern trends like workspace and layout. The workspace comprises of the sink, cooking area, and the dishwasher. Pump some cash on a good layout. With a good design, putting new cabinets, hardware, and appliances will be quite fast and easy. The bottom line is the kitchen sells the house.

Revive your bathroom

A bathroom is one of the areas in a home you can easily notice whether good money has been spent or not. It is among the most expensive places when it comes to construction. Consider having a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub, if you do not have room to accommodate the two. Having more than one bathroom is also trendy, and people go for the houses with additional bathrooms.

Beachfront property

When improving your beachfront property, think about the landscape. For instance, you can remodel the pool area, add new decks, or build an open-air fireplace for functions. You can also consider upgrading the interior design like decorating with seashells. A central air conditioning is another brilliant idea of improving the worth of a home, especially during hot and humid days.

Curb appeal

When a person drives into your compound, the first thing they see is the outside part of your home. When the outside is not appealing to them, chances are you will not even get the chance to show the inside since the buyer will lose interest. Work on the outside appeal. For instance, a home with treehouses for children, and a nice hedge will attract more buyers.

Adding space

Constructing more rooms is a good investment. Addition of bathrooms, attic bedrooms, sunrooms, and family rooms impacts significantly to the value of your house, not to mention your family’s enjoyment of all the extra space.

Paint your home

This is among the easiest and least expensive ways to make your house look better. If you doubt your color senses, then you may seek professional guidance. Something neutral and classical is perfect. Avoid personalization when it comes to painting as this might discourage the buyers.

You may seek advice from professionals to ensure your money is invested properly. You can also check out homes for sale by Adams, Cameron and Co., Realtors to see what is selling well right now. Knowing what buyers want is a place to start when making your home more valuable. Draft a plan and list the areas you want to improve. Tackle one area at a go to ensure you have good results.