5 Unique Ideas for Raising Funds to Buy a House

Written by Jordan Swartzmiller on Monday, 25 July 2016 3:04 pm


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Saving money for a house can be, not only intimidating, but slow. Once you’ve opened

your piggy bank to find twenty dollars worth of nickels and dimes, you should start thinking

about earning some extra cash. There are plenty of ways to earn money the old fashioned

way, like pet sitting or having a yard sale, but surprisingly, there are a lot of unique

ways to make money if you just look around you. Here are five of our favorites: 

  1. Is your gem closet overflowing with old jewelry that was passed down and never worn?
  Look into selling your jewelry. WP Diamonds will buy jewelry and diamonds and  wire you cash for it immediately. Aunt Edna’s diamond bracelets can be put towards  a practical purchase, instead of collecting dust.         2. Are you opinionated? Fantastic! There are plenty of websites out there that will pay you  for your opinions, but Slice the Pie is a website that pays for consumer feedback on  almost anything, including music. Yes, you can get paid to listen to a music clip and  write a review of the various elements like rhythm and vocals. Slice the Pie has  numerous review categories from fashion to mobile phone accessories, all paid.        3. Rather than wait for New Years to make an annual workout and diet resolution, get fitness  motivation in the form of cash. AchieveMint is an app that rewards you points for  doing “healthy things,” like working out or even checking in at a health food store.  Over time, these points add up to earn various rewards in the form of cash or gift  cards. The app can be synched up to fitness trackers like FitBit, so any workouts will  automatically be logged.        4. In the US, every person has the wonderful responsibility to serve jury duty. Now everyone  wishes there was some way to ease the pain, and thankfully there is. Online Verdict  is a website that will pay you to look at cases in your county. You simply review the  case facts, give your opinion on any issues, and send it in. So not only are you serving  your duty as a US citizen, you are getting paid for it.        5. On sites like Ebay, you can pretty much sell anything in your house, but what about the  outside? Sell Your Trees will pay you for the unwanted trees on your property. Not only  will you they pay for the trees, but they take care of all the removal and clean up without an  extra cost. Why pay someone to remove trees, when this site will pay you for them? Just  think of how many times you complained about raking up all those leaves in the fall.