5 Landscaping Tips to Increase the Value of Your Property

5 Landscaping Tips to Increase the Value of Your Property

Written by Jane Wilson on Thursday, 04 August 2016 9:07 am


The garden is an integral part of the property, so it plays an active role in the renting out or selling of the property in question. When you want to sell your house, every small element in it plays a role, and everything needs to be in a perfect condition when potential buyers start coming around. Having a well maintained garden will not only make you feel better about yourself and your skills, but it will also increase the overall value of the property, and you can get a better profit when selling it. If your garden or backyard are still not ready for the selling, then check out these 5 landscaping tips, which will help you prepare it in no time.


Solve all your problems with plants. Every property's garden has some downsides, the most common from which are neighbours overlooking and busy roads full of cars and unpleasant noise all day. By planting trees, various shrubs, and flowers you can easily solve that problem. Plant barriers are becoming more common than fences, because they not only stop people from peeking, but they also provide a natural barrier from all the noise and pollution on the street. Plants also produce the so much needed oxygen, so you can never plant too many. Well, your plant barrier won't grow in a couple days, but its presence will definitely make potential buyers think twice before making a decision.


Mulching and weeding. By mulching and weeding your plant beds, you will not only take a great care of your garden, but you will also make sure that your garden looks well kept and it will seem that the place is low-maintenance to potential buyers. Your choice of mulch is also very important for the value of your property. I would recommend choosing a utility mulch, like pine bark for instance, instead of the products usually recommended by gardeners, like sugarcane or lucerne. Utility mulches look very neat, and when you're trying to sell your property neat is more important than the fancy appearance.


Limit the number of plants you grow. We all want to grow as much plants as possible, so we can have our nice outdoor paradise. But when you're trying to sell your property, you should aim for a more simple and neat outlook for everything. Just as your house needs to be tidy and well organised, your garden needs it too. By minimising the number of plants and their types, your garden will appear easy to maintain, which is what almost everybody wants. But don't overdo it. Plant diversity encourages biodiversity in your area, which is good for the local ecology, the pest impact is a lot smaller, and everything looks more interesting. I guess you'll have to find the perfect middle ground.


Define the lawn edges. The least you can do to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, is to mow and edge your lawn. Why you should edge your lawn? Because by edging your lawn you will make it look tamed and restrained, which again creates an easy-to-maintain look, which turns out to be a very important selling point for properties with gardens. It's very easy to create an edge to your lawn, you just need to get a sharp spade and cut a separation line between your lawn and the other elements of the garden. And if you don't like digging, you can just create a physical barrier between the your lawn and the rest of the garden – just lay some stones or timber around the edges.


Add some colour and form. Colour and shape are very important for your garden and your property's appearance. If you place some nice planters near the front door and add some bright flowers in pots around the house, you will create a very welcoming and colourful atmosphere in the property. And once you sell the property, you can always take the potted plants with you to your new home.